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What is a coupon code?

A coupon code is a combination of letters and / or numbers which can often be filled with web shops at the end of the buying process, making it finally possible to get a discount. These coupon codes are usually collected at discount code / promotion code or coupon code websites.

Searching a Promo Code for VyprVPN simply go to one of the major search engines and search just the word VyprVPN coupon code or VyprVPN coupon. We present here the latest offers of VPN services. Some really big discounts are possible and can thus save money or extend his subscription at the right time.

Latest VyprVPN coupon code

VyperVPN is offering a great discount on their VPN services. VyperVPN gives special promotion with reduced pricing, more likely VyperVPN team does not use coupon codes for discount. They just run special promotions and offer reduced pricing on VPN purchases.

The VyperVPN team offering a 25% off for first year of any plan. The Golden Frog team is currently offering a special with 25% off the first year of any plan.  Join during the promotion and save big on VPN unlimited access during the promotion season.

How to use an VyprVPN coupon code

You won’t need any promo or coupon code to take the great advantage of the VPN discount offer.  Just visit VyprVPN special page to grab the offers.

Brief VyprVPN introduction

This service is in possession of ‘The Golden Frog Company, which is based in Texas (USA). This company is also one of the major partners of Giganet, which is one of the largest providers in the field of VPN providers. VyprVPN servers are hosted in Europe, Asia and North America, with unlimited access. Altogether, the organization has more than 700 VPN servers in possession, without limitations. The company saves some information to detect crime on the servers and to see how the service is used. Furthermore, privacy is ensured.


VyprVPN thus has more than 700 servers spread across three continents. In addition, to reach the servers of this organization in all major countries in Europe, North America and Asia. So it does not matter whether you are sitting or in France, a good connection is always possible in Japan. The IP addresses are shared with other users, but also anonymous surfing is possible. Connecting to the VPN network of VyprVPN is available worldwide.


VyprVPN pretends safety and have high standing priority. Nevertheless, they collect data when it comes to the users. This data is even retained for at least 90 days. Additionally VyprVPN did’not misconduct in the software, so this will also be regularly checked. No distinction is made between the various available devices.


VyprVPN use customized software. This software called VyprVPN desktop and also has a variant that is suitable for the mobile phone. These software programs are both fast-to-use and above all easily. You do not have much knowledge of computers and software to get started with this software. VyprVPN is not only available for various devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and phones, as well as the associated operating system like Windows, iOS, Linux and Android. It is possible to quickly switch between locations and protocols.


As mentioned above, the program has a decent speed. The advantage is that you almost always have the good bandwidth. All connections with foreign countries are also equally reliable. It is often not only possible to make direct connection with, for example UK. Moreover, when the server has a problem, all servers in the different countries are affected.


The speed test indicates that the speed with which can be downloaded, for example, is very high. This is of course beneficial. This way you can download so quickly your favorite movie, series or other documents to anonymously. Whole series could choose your time to pick up full speed of the Internet. Moreover VyprVPN has no limitations, so you can get unlimited ahead in terms of downloading. Downloading via torrents is certainly possible. Large files can also be downloaded at high speed, regardless of content.


For all the packages there is a possibility to try out the package three days for free. For $ 5 per month you get access through one PPTP. The packages of $ 6.25 and $ 7.50 are fitted with at least two similar connections across all three protocols (PPTP, L2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN). If you are not satisfied with the service you can get your money back within seven days. Moreover, there are various possible ways of payment (PayPal, Mastercard, etc.). VyprVPN belongs with these prices to the more expensive providers.

VyprVPN review and Conclusion

The VyprVPN service is one of the more expensive programs when it comes to providers of VPN. Yet it is a very reliable service, which is also of great value. The opportunity to try three days free of charge and can get all your money back after seven days, is extremely unique. In addition, the speed of the software is higher than average. The downside is that logs are kept for a relatively long time.

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