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We’re very excited to talk about an exclusive promotion from OverPlay.  You will use our OverPlay coupon to save up to 37% off VPN and SmartDNS access.  Our 25% discount code stacks because of their term cuts to avoid wasting even more.  OverPlay runs special promotions every so often and offers reduced pricing.  However, they may be currently offering customers a deep discount on both VPN and Smart DNS service.  Thanks for the OverPlay team for sharing the promo code and allowing us to discuss it together with you.  Rest assured that we’ll always cover the most recent OverPlay discounts on VPN and Smart DNS access.

Join OverPlay during their exclusive VPNFan promotion to save 25% from the first billing cycle.  The coupon stacks on the existing discounts.  Save an extra 25% off any term – month, quarter or year.  Enjoy a complete year of VPN from just $6.25 monthly.  That’s a 37% savings off the full shop price of $119.40 per year.  Don’t need encryption?  If you like to avoid geo restrictions, then OverPlay’s SmartDNS service is a fantastic solution.  You may use our promo code to join SmartDNS from just $3.12 on a monthly basis.

Click to visit our special page.  You’ll see the prices shown are discounted.  Once you register simply enter the promotional code after you sign up to have access to apply the discount.

OverPlay offers new members a 5-day cash back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to risk when you sign up. I don’t think you’ll have to cancel without any reason, but it’s an advantage to know it is possible to if needed. I’ve used OverPlay at home and while on a trip. The service is fast and reliable.  Their SmartDNS service is the best around.  Check out their JetSwitch feature when you log into your account.  It enables you to set the area for favorite services like Amazon Instant, Funimation, and  Netflix.  You can switch between regions for a variety of favorite channels and never having to connect to a VPN server for that area.  It also does so without encryption so you’ll like a faster connection.

OverPlay manages a network of VPN servers worldwide. They offer free client software for Mac and Windows along with Smart DNS service. Connect with OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP. Best of all VPN members receive free Smart DNS. That makes OverPlay an excellent value considering VPN typically costs $7-$10 30 days and SmartDNS moment $5 on a monthly basis.  You can also enjoy unlimited entry to both services for only $6.25 per month using thier promotional code.

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