How to remove private information from image files

Mobile phones will expose a lot of your privacy, including photos taken with mobile phones, which can expose unexpected information. The phone model, operating system version, shooting time, location (latitude and longitude coordinates), altitude, etc., are all recorded.

If you send this original digital photo without processing, it is likely that your privacy is exposed. Especially for some girls who like to take selfies, it is particularly important to clear the privacy content such as the coordinates recorded in the mobile phone photos and the mobile phone model.

Here’s how to delete EXIF ​​information of mobile phone photos:

1. First pour out the mobile phone photos to the computer;

2. The operation in the Windows system is very simple. Right-click the digital photo file and select “Properties”;

Photo properties can see some EXIF ​​information

Other image viewing software can also read EXIF ​​information

3. Then click “Details” on the property interface, and you can see part of the EXIF ​​information. In fact, there is too much information, such as coordinate information, which is not displayed here.

Use professional software to get more EXIF ​​information

4. Click the “Remove Properties and Personal Information” link and select “Create a copy that does not contain any deleteable attributes” so that the EXIF ​​metadata can be deleted. However, it is best to use a professional removal EXIF ​​tool to clean up more thoroughly.

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