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The LATEST Astrill Coupon Codes

For some people who are just looking for the latest Astrill coupon code, please check the following list:

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The Outdated Astrill Coupon Codes

7 Days Free Trial Code

You can try this service for 7 days without any fees. All you have to do is just to click HERE to register your free trial account.

33% Off coupon code, save $19.95

If you pay 6 months at a time, you can get a 33% off discount.

42% Off coupon code, save $49.85

If you pay 12 months at a time, you can get a 42% off discount. StealthVPN for PC/Mac/Linux is included for free with this 12 months plan (worth $24)!

Free TP-Link WR703N router and ProAddon

If you pay 24 months at a time, you only need to pay $169.99 ($7.08 per month). You can get a TP-Link WR703N router (worth $49.99) and ProAddon (worth $120) for FREE. ProAddon includes StealthVPN, RouterPro VPN and two devices can be connected simultaneously.

Need more Information about Astrill VPN?

What is Astrill VPN?

A VPN is a secure Internet connection where your Internet provider can not see the real content, and the final destination will treat you like Astrill server location and IP information. Astrill is a plug-and-play VPN program which joins your computer using Astrill hosting space having a 128-bit SSL encrypted channel thus make sure your online relationship protected as well as guarded through eavesdropping as well as online hackers. Astrill VPN coupon code will get your price down. If you want to protect your computer, in addition to a VPN service such as Astrill you can also use an antivirus software to do it such as Norton Antivirus. Note: you can always use a coupon code such as Norton coupon code to get the best discount.

How about its Services?

Many people like their services. Gerri G. from China Baotou who had a lot of problems with other VPN service providers “have not had any problems with Astrill’s service”. The best thing he love is that users switch servers without any disconnecting. The process is very smoothly. Blake H. another user from China Beijing also thinks Astrill is pretty great. They ask for cheap price and is ease to use. Riku K. from Finland Jyvaskyla is very satisfied with Astrill VPN service, especially the Astrill coupon code. The only problem he EVER had is the transfer speeds. Sometimes it drops below the normal level. Of course, it restore very quickly.

I used the Astrill VPN service and Astrill VPN coupon code before and have recommended their services to many friends, who appreciate privacy very much. Astrill VPN is one of the best services I have bought. It is THE ONLY reliable and capable VPN service in China. I tested many different VPN services, paid or free. All of them are not competitor with Astrill.  It has quick transfer speed and high security. Use it I can access Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Hulu and other websites that has been blocked in China.

Astrill is a P2P supported VPN service and provides fast speed and 7 days free trial. Free trial is a very good feature. You can use it to test whether the service is OK at your area. What we don’t like about Astrill VPN is that when you sign up, too much information is required. We recommend it to you because Astrill provides simple setup and a lot of servers worldwide. The prices are now, especially when you use a Astrill coupon code. You can even use it free for 7 days.

Many people from China are satisfied with their service. Martyn D. from China said he is extremely satisfied. Because only their service stays stable and are fast enough for watching youtube or other TV programs. Scott. R from Singapore  said the are doing incredibly well. Astrill VPN has done everything to please their customers.

Astrill is one of the best vpn services that can help you smoothly and easily access blocked websites from China. It may not like HideMyAss providing tens of thousands of IPs from worldwide. However, if you only need the most important IPs, Astrill is the best choice. It is very easy to connect or disconnect the private network. The successful rate is very high, closing to 95%, much better than HidMyass’s. For using Hidemyass in China, you need try many times before you can connect the network. Reviews by Lei from China.

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